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Review: Jellystone Campground Woodstock NB

October 27, 2017
Jellystone Campground Woodstock

Warning, this is probably my most critical review to date!

Last summer as part of our east coast trip we decided to stop at the Jellystone campground near Woodstock NB.  As the stretch from Quebec city to Fundy has virtually no provincial, national, KOA or decent private parks, it makes for a very long drive.  We decided to break up our return trip with a campground with a decent water park in it.

In all fairness, the water park is excellent for a campground and possibly one of the best (if not only) water parks in all the Maritime provinces.  However we did not enjoy the campground itself.  The park is located right beside the TransCanada highway with no buffer space.  There are sites right up against the fence separating the park from the highway with very little vegetation to block the sounds and sights of the highway.  This made for a rather loud visit.  The park itself had more of a trailer park feel to it than a typical Jellystone, KOA or Provincial/National park.  It seemed to be the go to place to spend a summer sitting outside your 1970’s era trailer with a dirty shirt on, while you drank beer and yelled at your kids as they ran loose like rabid dogs breaking the rules.

In the end we felt that the water park was not enough to offset the highway noise and the wild atmosphere.  We left feeling uncomfortable and out-of-place because we did not drink publicly and because our kids were well-behaved.  This one will be remembered for a very long time as one of our least favorite camping experiences.  The next time we go out east (and we will, it is amazing out east) we will opt for a Wal-Mart parking lot if we need to stop over in that area again.

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  1. I just finished doing a post on the Maliseet trail that is just south of Woodstock. It is a wonderful hike hope you get to go

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