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Posting to Social Media, sharing or plagarism?

October 13, 2017

Over the past 3 years I have been putting out content on my blog and sharing info on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  I have been learning a lot about generating traffic and generating revenue from the info I post.  My blog is not by any means popular like Nomadic Fanatic, Gone with the Wynns or SV Delos, however over the past few years I have posted a number of very technical articles.  These articles were the first time these particular ideas have been posted on the internet and I was proud that some of them still are either the only or the top rank search results on Google for those topics.

Over time, I looked at different ways to generate more traffic, some were successful and some were not but one method had a result that really surprised me.  At one point I decided to review my Twitter account and ensure I was following people who were relevant to my content so I started following all the big RV related Youtubers on Twitter.

What surprised me was that within a week of following a bunch of Youtubers, two RV Youtubers posted their next video and I was surprised to find out that two different pieces of content that were unique to only my blog had been turned into videos.  At first I wondered, is this coincidence that they thought of this, and I could not get out of my mind that this is very technical content that only someone with both a network engineering background and RVing background could come up with on their own.  Neither of these Youtubers had this skill set.  It was also difficult to get out of my head that they both posted these videos a week after I started following them.  So I wondered, should I be flattered that they liked my ideas or should I be insulted that they did not credit me.  In this world of social media should this be considered sharing or plagiarism?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the incident. What a shame. There’s a difference between sharing own experience of the places, activities, or RV-related how-to’s and sharing ideas/knowledge. The latter should be appropriately credited or referenced unless it’s widely known. I hate to see this in the RV community.

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