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Parks Canada Free Pass

January 13, 2017
Parks Canada Discovery Pass

While sitting in the snow in Southern Ontario all I can do is stare at my Discovery Pass and wait for the warm weather to pull the trailer out.  This year is the 150th Anniversary of Confederation and for the anniversary they are making the 2017 Discovery Pass free.  If you purchased a Discovery pass last year, you may have noticed that because your expiry falls in the free year, they automatically expire it 12 months after the original expiry date, so you still get the free year.  In my case I purchased it July 2 2016 for full price as I arrived at Fundy to start my vacation.  Because it would have then expired July 2017 (during the free year) they moved the expiry date to July 2018, my fee still paid for 12 months (half of 2016 and half of 2018) but 12 months free were tacked on in the middle.   A little life hack that I discovered, since I purchased July 2 2016, meant I got the entire 2016 summer camping season, also get the entire 2017 summer, and because the pass expires on the last day of the expiry month, I also get all of July 2018, so that means I get to use it for 3 summers worth of trips, assuming I plan my 2018 national park trips in July instead of August.

This pass will get you unlimited day use in any National Park or National Monument in the country all year.  In some cases it also covers free parking at sites that have a parking fee (like the Citadel in downtown Halifax).  This does not cover the overnight fees to camp at National Parks, but regardless, it will likely be a busy year in the campgrounds.  2017 is a good year to hook up the trailer and see some of Canada’s natural sites like Fundy, Cape Breton Highlands, Banff etc.


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