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What a Drone no fly zone might look like in Toronto

January 3, 2017
Toronto Drone No Fly Zone

NOTE: this map is not exact, it is only a rough estimation based on Transport Canada Registered or Regulated Aerodrome data provided at: Wikipedia

UPDATE: Summer 2017 the rules have changed again making no fly zones somewhat less restrictive.  An updated post will be coming soon.

However based on the information on Wikipedia and the new Transport Canada rule about not flying a drone within 9km of a Transport Canada registered Aerodrome: (Airport, Seaport or Helipad), this gives a rough idea of where the no fly zones are in Toronto, inside any of the circles on the map would be a no fly zone.   Based only on that rule, you can see that much of Toronto is a no fly zone and if you factor in additional rules about not flying over people, vehicles or buildings this leaves very little left in the city where you can legally fly.

The good news is the only campground inside the city limits of Toronto, the Glen Rouge Campground does not appear to be inside any airport related no fly zones.

The bad news is if you are camping near any town that has an airport or hospital with a helipad which is almost all medium sized and large cities and even a lot of smaller towns, much of the area around town may be a no fly zone as a 9km radius is quite large.  Looking at Ontario as a whole, large sections of every major city are no fly zones, London in particular is almost completely a no fly zone with only a very small section of the city in the very west end near Komoka Provincial Park not in a no fly zone.  With the exception of a few pockets (like Scarborough and east of Cobourg) almost the entire shore of Lake Ontario from Niagara to Kingston is a no fly zone.  Almost all of the Muskoka region is also a no fly zone including all of Lake Muskoka and Lake Rousseau.  This is not an issues specific to Ontario either, there are large sections of lower BC, central Alberta, and southern Quebec that are no fly zones.  Add to this that drones are prohibited in National Parks and Algonquin Provincial Park even has a Seaport near the West gate, this further limits potential areas to fly them.  Also since campgrounds have people, cars/RV and buildings, flying directly above any occupied campsite would not be permitted as well.

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