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Review: KOA Buckeye State OH

December 17, 2016
Buckeye State KOA

Unfortunately this happened to be one of our most disappointing KOA visits.  There was not one single reason, but a bunch of little things that left us feeling like this park did not try that hard to live up to the KOA name.

When we arrived, we had already paid in full when we booked the whole trip in the winter, so we were surprised to find out that we still owed money.  Not only did the KOA hold our money for 6 months and collect interest on it, but they got us for a few extra dollars when we arrived.  It is not the money that was the issue, but the principle of it.  We paid in full!

Next we were told that we had to sign a waiver for the kids to do any activities.  I have never signed a waver before at any campground, hotel or amusement park.  Also not a huge issue, but like the first issue, it was another issue that made us feel like we were part of someones bottom line and that this was not a vacation.

When we got to the site I was really shocked at how small the site was.  We have been to dozens of KOA’s, several Jellystone, along with private, national, provincial and state parks and I have never seen a site so small.  We have a SantaFe towing a 21′ Hybrid, not a large rig by most standards by length or width.  However when we pulled into this site we choose to not unhook as we were leaving early the next morning, but that still meant my front bumper was right at the edge of the road and when we dropped the back bunk it was hanging into the other road by a few inches (and no I did not pick the wrong size, I always round-up a little to avoid this issue and almost everyone else was sticking out too).  When we rolled out the awning, it was within inches of the slide of our neighbor.  In fact our site was so narrow as well, that our picnic table sat right on top of the neighbors sewer hose.  Since they were fully booked, there were no options to move but it did not look like there were a lot of sites that were bigger anyway.

Later that night around 10:30 a large rig pulled in and the security guard escorted him to the site across the road from us.  The problem was that his site was also too small, had a large tree and my tent end was a few inches into the road preventing him from doing a wide turn in to avoid the tree.  In order to ensure my kids were safe in the tent end, I had to go out and help the security guard guide him into his spot in the pitch dark.

Unfortunately, overall this was one of the least favorite campgrounds we have ever visited.

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