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Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV

November 18, 2016
Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV

The hardest part of doing Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV is how to cook a big Turkey in a tiny RV kitchen.  Add to that all the pots to do potatoes, veggies, stuffing etc.  There is simply not enough oven space or burner space in most normal RV’s to do a big turkey dinner like grandma used to do.

We have a solution that we have done over the years and it has been quite successful.  You may not get made from scratch or true home cooking as you often have to make sacrifices when in an RV.  The first is the potatoes, we do mashed and my wife makes them the night before the trip and puts them in a big Tupperware and refrigerate them.  Next we get all our veggies in a can, as you can easily cook in a pot or microwave, we normally do microwave as we are usually on full hookup at Thanksgiving.  Next for the bird, we do not do what all the neighbors do and pull out a propane powered deep fryer, we simply go to Costco or Walmart and get a pre-cooked whole chicken and refrigerate.  For just the four of us, this is just enough meat for us.  Since we are not cooking the bird we get stuffing in a box, which can be made on a burner in a few minutes although some grocery stores do have  fresh made home style stuffing in their deli area.  Also since there is no drippings from the bird, we also get our gravy in a can.  It only needs a small pot and heats up on the burner in few minutes.  Gravey packets are additional work, utensils and mess to clean so we prefer canned.  Add to that any other trimmings you want like a can of Cranberry Jelly, a sweet potato casserole pre-made before you leave that can be heated in the microwave or oven, dinner rolls etc.

There is room for the two of us to work in the kitchen.  It takes us less than a half our to prepare, which means we have more time on the trail. We only use a few pots, use disposable plates or bowls for serving and eating so there is very little mess and cleanup.

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