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Long Range WIFI Booster for Laptop

November 13, 2016
Alfa USB WIFI adapter

There are a lot of brands and models for Long Range WIFI adapters, but there are 2 models of the Alfa brand that I like.  You can get the long range adapter in both a 1W option and a 2W option.  Although these adapters will not help your cell phone or other mobile devices, if you need to only get a laptop online, they are a simple low cost option to increasing your signal for your laptop.

A USB WIFI adapter will work in place of the existing WIFI adapter built into your laptop.  The problem with most WIFI adapters that are built into laptops is the transmission power and the antennas used.  They significantly limit the range of a laptop.  Adding an external USB WIFI adapter is an easy way to increase the range without doing surgery to your laptop, adding a router to your RV, or routing an external antenna thru your rig.  With some adapters like the Alfa models, they use a SMA connector to attach the rubber antenna.  This allows the antenna to be unscrewed and another antenna to be attached directly to the amplifier.  This allows for higher gain antenna along with directional panel or Yagi antenna for even longer range (but in a specific direction).  In extreme cases using a pair of Alfa 2W WIFI adapters with a pair of Yagi 25dbi directional antenna could allow you to connect 2 devices line of site over a 5 mile range.  Even with the Alfa WIFI adapter with the stock antenna, you will find a significant increase in range and signal quality over the WIFI built into your laptop.

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