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Review: Strongback folding chair

October 9, 2016
Strongback Chair Review


For the longest time we would go to our local big box store and buy the cheap folding chairs.  After a while I started to realize that you get what you pay for and maybe paying $15 every year to replace these cheap chairs is not the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

About 5 years ago when another of our cheap chairs broke while camping, we stopped at a Walmart to once again buy a cheap chair.  This time we saw some high-end ones on end of season clearance and decided to invest the $40 (sale price) each to see if they were worth the extra money.

We travel with a couple of Zero Gravity chairs and a couple of Strongback chairs.  We normally use all four when we camp as a family but always use the Strongback chairs at the beach or anywhere else that we have to carry them more than a few feet.

The Strongback chairs are more expensive than the cheap folding chairs you get at a big box store in a variety of bright colors with a variety of beer company/ football team logos on them.  These chairs are priced in the same price range as most other premium chairs ($50-$100 range depending on the model).   Unlike most folding chairs we have used, the Strongback is much better designed.  They use a heavier tubing and heavier canvass to make the chairs much more durable and able to handle quite a bit more weight than the cheap ones.  The seats are wider than normal and they also have padding in the canvass for added comfort, but one of the things that set them aside from others is the lumbar support that is built-in.  This is great for someone with a bad back but even if you don’t have back issues, it makes sitting for a long time much more comfortable.  The chairs also come in an equally durable bag with backpack style straps so you can carry them to the beach easily.

Ours are now 5 years old and show almost no signs of wear, damage or fading, they look almost new.  My next investment in outdoor furniture will be a couple of Strongback beach chairs.

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