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Review: Swagman Upgright Bike Rack

August 22, 2016
Swagman Bike Rack

Last summer I was looking for a roof top bike rack that I could use to carry the kids bikes when we went out East.    I discovered the Swagman at MEC (Canada’s equivalent to REI).  It was about $100 per bike (sold separately) so I bought 2.  The install was quite easy and only took a few minutes.  It is actually so easy, I take them off in the winter, just to make it easier to clear the snow off the roof of the car.  The description said they were universal mount on most types of cross bars.  They fit perfectly on our Hyundai with stock cross bars.  Once installed I found that mounting the bikes was quick and easy.  The hardest part, as with any roof top bike carrier, was getting the bikes up to the roof.  Leaving the back doors open, I could easily step up and lift them to the roof.  Securing the bikes was quite easy with 2 straps securing the tires in place and the cross bar to hold them upright.  We have used them for two summers and gone camping over 10,000km with the bikes on the roof.

One day I may pickup a Swagman Mighty Rack- Around the Spare Bike Rack so I can put the bikes on the back of the trailer and still carry the Canoe or one day purchase a Standup Paddleboard.

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