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Secrets to Restringing RV Roman Blinds

July 30, 2016
Secrets to Restringing RV Roman Blinds

Did you know that when the string in an RV blind breaks, it is actually quite easy to restring them?  I recently did one of mine in 15 minutes, including the time to take it down and put it back up.  You can buy restringing kits online or at your RV dealer for quite a bit of money, in my case the best price I could find was about $50CAD.  These kits come with replacement string, tension springs, grommets and everything you could need.  However in most cases you do not need the springs or grommets, you just need the string, as it is the common fail point.  The string just wears out from friction of the blinds going up and down.

There is an important tip about RV Roman blinds however, if all you need is the string, there are lots of other sources.  You may be able to find window blind restringing kits meant for home blinds at home improvement stores or home decor stores.  This will save you some money but still have a markup.  What most people do not realize is that the string used in most RV Roman Blinds is Paracord.  Yes that same stuff used for parachutes, and those neat woven survival bracelets.  However the trick is that there are many different grades of paracord, from the thickest, best made, with highest drop weight used for parachutes right down to the stuff used for window blinds.  Window blinds use Type 1, 95lbs drop rated, 1.85mm Paracord.  The good news is when you shop for Paracord in bulk on Amazon or other sites, you can get a per foot price that can be 10x or more cheaper than the per foot price of getting it in a RV Restringing Kit.  So next time you need to restring a blind, just buy 25′, 50′ or 100′ of Type 1 paracord for a few dollars and if you are really creative, why not try it in reflective flourescent green…  In my case I was able to match the color almost exactly, and only needed about 15′ to do the one small blind in my trailer, however the cost went down significantly as you bought more, it was only a couple of dollars more to go up from the 50′ spool to the 100′ spool.  Now I have enough cord to do both blinds a half dozen times and it cost me less that $10CAD.

The actual job of restringing is quite easy:

  1. remove valance screws to get blind and valance off the wall, usually hidden behind the blind
  2. remove blind screws from valance to get blind off valance
  3. remove tension screws below blinds on the wall
  4. spread the blind on the floor or other large flat surface
  5. with a pair of pliers remove the end cap on the top and the bottom of the blind, it is easiest to do both caps on the same side (ie top left and bottom left)
  6. slide off the plastic cover from the top and bottom of the blind to expose blind cord
  7. cut out old cord and keep all parts laid out in an orderly fashion so you can get them together again.  It may be a good idea to take a photo so you remember the exact path the cords take
  8. try to get one cord off mostly in tact, this will give you a good guide for how long the new cords need to be, I cut the new ones about 1-2′ longer than the original just to have some room to play
  9. restring blind one pleat at a time, making sure you tie good nots on the spring at the top and on the tension screws at the bottom.  Make note that when restringing, the cord crosses over at the bottom before going thru the end caps and attaching to the tension screws
  10. reassemble, remount and trim excess cord from tension screw

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