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Must have books for your RV bookshelf

June 24, 2016

There are a number of books that I like to carry when RVing.  Although there are piles of apps available and you can often find free WIFI, or get cell service in most places, there is always the chance you will not have service when you need it the most.  For this reason I like to have the following in paper copy just in case:

Good Sam RV Travel Guide:  If you are travelling without reservations and just planning day by day, it is always good to have a book that will tell you where you can stop that night.

KOA Directory:  The KOA guide is small and a good supplement to the GoodSam guide

Jellystone Campground Directory:  This is also small and another good supplement to the Goodsam guide

Camping World catalog:  The Camping World catalog is a must have even if you do not plan on shopping with them.  There may be times when you have phone service but no internet and need to order a replacement part to be delivered at your next stop.  There may also be times when you need to go to a local RV dealer but are not sure exactly what the part is called.

A decent Trucker Road Atlas:  GPS is great whether you have a Garmin or rely on your iPhone to get you there, but what happens when you drop your iPhone in the toilet at a gas station on the Alcan highway?

The Next Exit:  This is a good guide to the exits of every Interstate just in case you are looking for gas or coffee in the Nevada Desert

Along I75:  This is an outstanding guide when travelling down the I75 to Florida


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