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What’s in my RV toolbag

April 16, 2016
RV Toolkit

I actually carry two toolbags in my RV.  I have one for setup and teardown and a second for general use.  My setup bag contains all the tools I need for setting up and tearing down the trailer.  I chose an open style bag for easy access.  It contains the following items:

  • drill for lowering and raising the stabilizers
  • rubber mallet for the tire chocks
  • level
  • all the cotter pins for the sway bars and weight distribution bars
  • tongue pin/lock
  • shank pin/lock
  • water regulator
  • inline water filter
  • gloves

For my general use tool bag I have more tools but nothing I need when I first setup:

  • multimeter
  • hatchet
  • hammer
  • voltage tester/IR temperature gauge combo
  • butane soldering iron
  • micro screwdriver
  • small pouch with various hand tools
    • drill/screwdriver bits
    • screw driver
    • pliers
    • wire cutters
    • box cutter
    • socket set
  • divided tray with various loose items like screws, light bulbs and various fasteners
  • disposable gloves
  • various supplies
    • general purpose silicone caulking
    • gorilla tape
    • velcro tape
    • awning tape
    • butyl tape
    • conduit filler putty
    • tie straps
    • plumbing teflon tape
    • gas fitting tape
    • lock tite
    • tent/water toy patch kit

I keep a few key sprays in the storage area beside the tool bag:

  • graphite spray
  • silicone spray
  • electrical contact cleaner

I also have a few key tools that I normally keep in the car as I can use them for both the car and trailer:

  • DC fuse kit (various fuses, fuse puller and fuse tester
  • digital tire gauge
  • WD40

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