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What is your version of camping… Wilderness or Glamping?

February 27, 2016
Wilderness or Glamping

Recently I read a book by a Canadian expert in canoeing, survival and comedy, Dazed but not Confused by Kevin Callan.  He discussed in one chapter about if Glamping was real camping or not.  I stand firmly in the same camp (so to speak) as Kevin, in that any kind of camping, walk in, canoe in, drive in, tent trailer, RV, no service, full service or luxury resort all qualify as camping.  Camping is not measured by how primitive your experience is compared to others around you but how primitive your experience is to your day to day life in the city.  If by going, you are only checking your messages once per day instead of a few times per hour, than it is camping.  If you are reading the paper on your iPad in front of a fire in a Provincial, State or National Park instead of on the sofa, than it is camping.  If you take your family on a hike or canoe thru the park instead of watching Netflix, it is camping.

Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to the outdoors.  Vault Toilets are not for everyone, but a tent and a camp fire maybe just fine for them.  Camping and staying in a trailer with a TV set and flush toilet does not take away from the experience and none of us are put on this earth to judge how others are supposed to experience things.

Today many people would consider tent camping in a campground with no flush toilets and no showers to be primitive and staying in a 35′ RV with all the luxuries of home to be glamping.  However I remember when I was a kid, having a canvas tent trailer with no kitchen, bathroom or electricity but just beds off the ground was quite an upgrade from our old heavy canvas tent that had to be sewed up from a raccoon deciding to visit us.  Back in the 50’s any tent that actually had a floor in it was considered a luxury.  Before the war many would camp under the stars, often without even having a tarp over top.  Back in the cowboy days, they had nothing but a couple of wool blankets, some coffee, flour and bacon and would sleep in the open beside a fire.

Today even the most primitive camping experience is luxurious in comparison to the cowboy days so how can anyone really judge each other based on their preferred style of camping.  Instead judge yourself by comparing your regular daily life to your camping life.

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  1. Gary permalink

    Great article Rob, I couldn’t agree more…

  2. I agree that any way to get outside is camping. We have some physical limitations that decided our choice in motorhome (but we will also be living in it and traveling extensively), but when younger, grabbing the tent and sleeping bag was the preferred way to go and made some wonderful memories to look back on. I would switch my computer screen for a campfire any day! Happy camping.

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