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Review: PEI National Park- Cavendish PEI

February 13, 2016
PEI National Park

PEI National Park is one of the most breathtaking campgrounds we have ever been to.  The campground itself is quite good but the beaches are amazing and the island itself is so different you would likely not believe it unless you visit.

PEI National Park

When you first visit PEI, you will notice almost right away that it is like nowhere else in North America.  The cliché answer is that it is like going back in time, but it really is like going back in time.  There is very little industry, the towns are small, it is mostly farm land and fishing villages, the buildings are old and it really feels like what it would be like to go back in time to the early 20th century.

The park itself has lots of tree cover from huge pine trees in much of the camping area. They have newly built comfort stations.  The tent area allows you to camp right at the beach for amazing sun rises.  And of course the beaches have the red clay sand that you would expect to see in PEI.

During the visit, we also spent a few days at PEI National Park Stanhope campground.  It was further away from the action but still had beach and bike trail access.  Unfortunately we did not end up getting any pictures of this campground or spending any time enjoying it as our time there was spent riding out Hurricane Arthur.

PEI is quiet, peaceful, relaxing and friendly and there is really nothing else in North America to compare to it.  Until you actually visit, it is hard to imagine how nice it is.


PEI National Park Cavendish trailer camping area



PEI National Park Cavendish beach

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  1. That looks beautiful and if we ever get out that way it will be on our list

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