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Privacy and Security on the road- Part 1 Introduction

January 22, 2016
WIFI Pineapple


This is a big topic and I will spit it up into multiple posts to cover all aspects of Privacy and Security.

In this day and age computer security has become more and more important as we store more and more information on the Internet.  What makes it worse is the lack of understanding on how to safely keep your identity and data secure while travelling.  There is also a lot of bad advise on the net.  The most troubling of which for the RV community is there are a number of RV YouTube channels offering advise, some of which are even self claimed professionals in the field.  For an RV’er this is troubling when channels with tens of thousands of views are giving out poor or incorrect advice, especially when none of them are Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH), Certified Informational System Security Professionals (CISSP), don’t have a PhD in the field or have not been deemed a professional in the field by their national or regional court system.

Consider the following thoughts:

  1. The first rule of Computer Security is take advice from a source you can trust.
  2. Hacking and data theft are less frequent than the media portrays.
  3. Hacking is actually much easier than the media portrays.  There are also a wealth of tools and resources that make it quite easy for a high school age kid to learn and implement many hacks very quickly and without any significant skill or experience in hacking.
  4. Being hacked can sometimes not lead to anything but other times it can have a significant impact on your credit rating or your life.
  5. Don’t be low hanging fruit, always be more secure than the average person.
  6. Blend in to the crowd, wearing a black suit and tie in a crowd of black suits and ties will not attract as much attention as a wearing a clown suit in a crowd of black suits and ties, don’t be that guy always standing on a soapbox, you will get noticed.
  7. Shop local, the average hacker is going for biggest bang for their buck.  Hacking Bank of America could yield tens of millions of user records but Joes Bank of Timbuktu may only get thousands of records, making BofA a much more appealing target.  Also don’t be a follower (I’m talking to you iPhone users) popular sites, devices and companies are more commonly targeted because of the potential yield if they succeed.
  8. Protect your identity, be cautious about who you give your identity to, especially key identifiers like SSN/SIN number or Date of Birth.  When stores ask for your email address or Zip/Postal code when you make a purchase, don’t be afraid to simply say “thanks but I would prefer to not give that out”.    Also do not apply  for or use points memberships, you are just giving the company official permission to track you, all for a few cents discount
  9. Don’t trust anyone, even me, get a second source or even a third source.  Reread 1) if unsure!

Part 2 Passwords


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