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Review: KOA New Bern NC

January 16, 2016
New Bern KOA

The KOA in New Bern NC was a bit of a surprise for us.  The park itself was nice.  I would not say it was the best KOA we have been to and it definitely was not the worst.  It is a nice park with a great view over the Neuse River.  The owners were nice, the park was quiet and well maintained.  For us however the big win was New Bern itself which was just on the other side of the river.  We knew that the town had some history but did not know that it was as nice as it was.  New Bern has a long Civil War history due to the fact that it was quickly taken over by the North with little resistance by the South which resulted in very little damage to the town.  This meant that the buildings were mostly left in tact.  For this reason there is a huge downtown area of historical houses and businesses.  There is quite a lot to see downtown just by walking or riding a bike and reading all the historical plaques.  New Bern is also the birth place of Pepsi and has a small museum downtown on the main strip.  If you are looking for a KOA closely located to a small quaint town full of history, New Bern is a good choice.

For such a small quiet town I was surprised how many organized and self paced walking tours there were.

Walking Tours

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