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Review: Huntington Beach State Park SC

December 22, 2015
Huntington Beach State Park

If you plan on being in the Myrtle Beach area Huntington Beach State Park is a must see.  It is the opposite of Myrtle Beach itself, it is quiet and peaceful.  The park is close enough to Myrtle Beach that you can easily drive there to get your Mini Golf fix but far enough to have peace and quiet that you just cannot get at any of the parks in or near town.

The park has a gator pond where you can watch the gators lying around waiting for their next meal.  They also have a “Castle” Atalaya Castle which is really a very old beachfront estate.  The building itself and the grounds are fantastic but the inside is missing the period furnishings and appears a little stark.  There is a lot of history to it and the entry fee is quite cheap so still worth the visit.  The beach here is outstanding, in fact it is one of the nicest in the region and is quite popular but in a civilized way.

The camping is what you would expect of a state park, there are lots of private campsites with plenty of room between them.  The tree cover allows for shade and privacy.  The camping is also close to the beach.  If you want to do Myrtle Beach without being in Myrtle beach, this is a much more civilized option.

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