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Using a toner to trace your Cable TV and Satellite Coax Cable in the walls of your RV

November 2, 2015
Cable Toner

First off, What is a Toner and what is it for?  A toner is for tracing cables when you cannot follow it thru a wall from one end to the other.  The purpose of a Toner is to find the other end of a cable.   It works by having two ends, one end generates a “tone” across a wire that it is attached to.  The other end of the toner detects the tone by making a noise when it comes in contact with the wire that has the tone generator on it.

In the case of an RV, you usually have at least a couple of coax hookups on the outside, one for Cable and one for Satellite.  In a bigger rig, you will often have multiple TV hookups in different rooms like the living area and the bedroom.  In some cases you may have numerous cables running around the rig.  Usually people run into issues when upgrading their TV’s or Satellite receivers and they lose track of all the wires.

You can usually find a toner on Amazon or other sites for under $20, but I have the Fluke Pocket Toner NX-8 Kit.  It comes with many different attachments for many different types of cables, not just Coax, but Phone RJ11, Ethernet RJ45, RCA as well as others.

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