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Review: KOA Niagara Falls ON

October 25, 2015
Niagara Falls KOA

KOA Niagara Falls Ontario is an interesting park to visit.  The key to it is the fact that it is so close to the falls.  If you have ever visited Niagara Falls, you would know that the Canadian side is a lot like Vegas.  There are lots of flashy lights and noise.  You have to pay for parking and deal with crowds to do most things in Niagara Falls.  However you can avoid some of this by staying at one of the hotels on Clifton Hill or up by the Casino.  We have visited many times and have found that the most convenient option is to be at one of these hotels.  But they come at a price.

The KOA is a completely different option.  For us it serves a number of purposes: a quick (2 hour) getaway from home, lots to do, it is far enough from the strip to be like camping, but close enough that it is easy to get to things on the strip, the park has a lot of amenities, and frequent shuttle bus access to the strip.  If you are looking for Algonquin you will not get it here.  But if you are looking at combining a destination vacation with camping this is a really nice option.

First off, the park is one of the most expensive KOA’s we have ever been to, however it also has more amenities than almost any we have ever been to.  They have a motel, lots of cabins, sites from tent to 50A including some paved sites.  There are 3 pools, two outside and one indoor pool with hot tubs and sauna.  The indoor pool allows us to extend our swimming season in Ontario beyond July and August.  They have a small arcade, a basketball court, outdoor chess and checkers, mini golf (which is one of the better KOA mini golf courses), bouncing pillows and one of the biggest playgrounds we have seen in a campground.  They do also have regular planned activities for the kids as well.

We have been to a number of destination campgrounds.  And I do not mean destination campgrounds as a campground you go to stay for a while vs stop over on the way to somewhere better, but rather destination as a campground strategically located to some big feature (like Niagara Falls).  In fact you could probably break destination campgrounds down further into urban destination vs natural destination, and if you have seen the blinking lights on Clifton Hill, no the falls is not a natural destination, it is Vegas with a big waterfall beside it.  When comparing Niagara Falls KOA to two other big urban destination KOA’s, Myrtle Beach KOA and Virginia Beach KOA, this one comes out in the middle, with the Myrtle Beach KOA being just one big party park, with no real nature, or peace and quite.  Virginia Beach KOA on the other hand is one of our all time favorite KOA’s possibly second only to Lake Placid KOA.  But with all the plusses and minuses, this is still a nice place to get away from the city and relax by a fire, meet friendly people and have some fun activities to do outside the park as well.  It is still worth the visit especially if looking to do the Falls as well.

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