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Review: KOA Virginia Beach VA

September 21, 2015
Virginia Beach KOA

This past summer we spent 4 days at the KOA Virginia Beach as part of an East coast trip.  We were pleasantly surprised.  This park goes on my list of one of my all time favorite KOA’s.

Lets start by getting the things out of the way that may bother some people.  It is in the city and not really forested, if you want really forested need to head to the mountains not a beach town.  Also NAS Oceana is almost across the street from the campground, which means regular flyovers by Naval Fighter Jets.  Although it is not directly in the flight path, it can be noisy during the day time.  However you do get fantastic views of F18’s flying overhead.

Despite a couple of minor concerns, it is still one of the best KOA around.  The most important factor in it being the best is the staff.  The people can make a huge difference.  The park store staff were very friendly.  I often find that when you go to check in at some places, that it seems like the staff really do not want to be there and they cannot wait for quitting time.  Not the case here, the store staff were quite friendly and willing to just have a casual conversation or tell you all about the town.

The lifeguards were friendly and always willing to say hi.  They are also good at dealing with kids whether it is a rowdy kid or someone who hurt themselves.  Despite their age, they seem to be able to handle all the situations that get thrown at them.

For me the one thing that changed my opinion was the outside staff.  First, not all KOA offer to drive you to your site.  This is one that does and the guy even helped make sure we were lined up and fairly level before moving on.  However when we pulled in and tried to unhitch our Travel Trailer, we ran into an issue.  When our hitch was installed the 7pin connector for the car is not hard mounted to the hitch like most vehicles, as in the Canadian winters the leads get very easily corroded.  For this reason it hangs out of the trunk.  The problem is that I did not secure it correctly and it ended up falling between the A frame and the sway bar.  This meant when I did a tight turn in a gas station, I must have squished it trying to do a tight turn. When trying to unhook at the KOA I realized the connector was badly damaged and I could not unhook.  Because the car side of it was metal, it was actually crimped into the rubber end on the trailer.  I did not have any heavy duty tools to try to bend it back into shape to try and unhook.  I went to the office at the KOA and asked if they could lend me some channel locks to try and unhook it.  Instead one of the outdoor guys showed up with his toolbox and spent the next hour trying to help me get unhooked.  Unfortunately despite his effort we did not succeed, so instead he recommended a good mobile RV service, who came by the next morning to fix it. Williams RV Service of Virginia Beach deserves a mention for their service as well.

Despite this mishap, this was the best stop of our trip and we stopped in Bellefonte, Delaware Beach, New Bern, Myrtle Beach, Asheville, Wytheville and Columbus.  We were amazed how civilized the town was compared to Myrtle Beach.  It was a fun trip and we would definitely use the KOA again, and have even considered just doing a trip to Virginia Beach again.

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  1. Great review, thanks

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