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RV Drive Thru Mishap

September 2, 2015
RV Drive Thru Mishap

This may not be someone’s finest hour.  This actually happened this summer at a Tim Horton’s drive thru in Eastern Ontario.  A Facebook friend took this picture.   The owner got stuck part way thru the drive thru, had to unhitch his TOAD and back both out while blocking one of Canada’s most precious resources.

First there are two undeniable facts:

  1. Canadians are hard core about Tim Hortons.  You just do not mess with our coffee.  We would go to war with America over it
  2. Driving an RV or pulling a trailer requires you to always be aware of your surroundings as you are driving a big vehicle, almost as long as a transport truck.  Driving a Class A with a Car attached requires even more care.  Because of this drive thru’s are always, and I mean always for everyone including that guy that thinks he can drive an RV better than the rest of us, off limits to RV’s.
So there is really only one thing to say… What was he thinking?

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