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Review: DeWalt DCD710 drill

August 30, 2015
DeWalt DCD710

Recently I was looking for a replacement for my Makita 14.4v drill that I use to raise and lower the stabilizers on my trailer.  The first thing I did was post on a forum for recommendations, and I noticed one trend… all the answers sounded like “ug you need power, get the 18 gazillion volt model, it is so powerful you can drill thru Titanium”.  So after that experience I decided to go it alone and make up my own mind.  I knew from experience that I wanted a good brand that I knew would last.  I also knew that at work I have a huge Milwaukee cordless drill that we use for drilling thru concrete and cinder block and that drill was huge and very heavy, not ideal for the reduced space of an RV.

What I decided on was a drill I was already quite familiar with.  About a year earlier I had bought 2 DeWalt DCD710 drill kits for work.  When I bought them for work, we were looking for small but powerful, so we looked around Home Depot for a few hours looking at the options.   We wanted something that would fit in our tool bags easily but still have enough torque to install and remove network gear from our network racks.  Ultimately we decided to give the DCD710 a try.  It was only 12v but was fantastically tiny and a good solid brand name.  We were even more ecstatic when we realized that the batteries seemed to last forever and having two batteries meant we never were without drill power.  At work we were recharging batteries every few months.

So one day Lowes had the DCD710 on sale, and not just a small sale, but it was a decent savings.  I ended up getting it for about $100CAD with the pouch, charger and two batteries.  I started this summer camping with the new drill in June and have spent a total of 4 weeks at 11 different campsites over the summer.  Every stop I used the drill to lower and to raise the stabilizers (4 stabilizers down once, up once x 11 stops = 88 times).  I just changed the battery recently, 3 months later.

Not only is it amazingly small, but battery life is fantastic and it has more then enough torque to do my stabilizers.

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