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Adding a WIFI and a Cellular Amp to my RV Part 1:

August 25, 2015
Adding a WIFI and a Cellular Amp to my RV

This will be a multi part post as it will be broken down into different key pieces

  1. Why I wanted to do this and why both setups (this post)
  2. Selecting and setting up the Cellular Amp
  3. Selecting and setting up a WIFI router
  4. How to install the antennas

This Mod is not for tech novices.  You should be comfortable using tools and be willing to modify your trailer (ie drill holes in it).  Also some of the work requires some networking skills.  Proceed with caution.

So why did I decide to do this.  The first part applies to both setups, an RV or Trailer can act like a Faraday Cage, which basically is a good way to block signals.  From my years of experience as a Network Engineer I discovered the curse of Faraday cages in many buildings, portables and other structures especially ones made with a lot of metal.  First off the single biggest advantage of doing this mod is to get the antennas outside of the RV/Faraday Cage.  This alone will make a huge improvement in your signal reception/transmission.  The second factor is all your neighbors RV’s, and various outbuildings around the campground can block WIFI and Cellular signal, so getting it up on the roof will help clear these obstacles.  The next reason for doing this is to boost the signal in fringe areas.  I will discuss some additional advantages in future parts.

So the final part of the question, why both.  Well that was easy.  Free WIFI is just that, it is a free way to get on the net.  But as most people know it is not always fast, in fact some times it can be downright unusably slow.  So what if you are at one of those campgrounds and still need to check your email, look for a good place for dinner etc.  This is why I also did a cell amp.  If I was going to do one, why not do two, pulling cable is not trivial and I did not want to do that twice.  Some times I will use my hotspot with my cell amp and pay the outrageous fees to surf when I am stuck.  But often when you are trying to find a quiet place to camp, you are getting farther from the cell towers, so to get a usable signal you often need a boost from an amp.

Part 2

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